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Arne Johansson 2020.

Arne Johansson on film assignment in Guangzhou (Canton), China on Tuesday the 18th of July 2006. Photo: Ingrid Johansson, Gothenburg.

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Arne Johansson

Brief Presentation

The company – Järkvissle Film & Media – Founded 2003 by Arne Johansson.

Arne Johansson was born 1945 in Gävle, Gästrikland and raised in Stockholm. After frequent visits, dating back to 1954, the village Järkvissle in Medelpad became his permanent residence in 2001. The people and nature along with its scenery constituted the unquestionable force of motivation.

Arne holds two academic degrees, one in land surveying from the Royal Institute of Technology and the other in economics from Stockholm University. He has previously worked with urban planning in Stockholm and held the position as CEO for Postfastigheter AB.

He has since the relocation to Järkvissle, participated in several productions of books connected to Medelpad. Arne has continuously contributed most notably with historical articles for the local publication Lidens Tidning (Lidentidningen as of 2015) since 1999. In total close to 40 short local history documentaries have been produced. A large number of recorded interviews with local residents have been conducted. Furthermore, one genre of production is publication of CD’s featuring talent such as the artist Rolf Lidberg and his 50 years’ worth of taped Scandinavian ballads and Swedish folk music in church spirit. The overshadowing interest, however, has since the 1950s always been photography.

A sample of production is presented on this website categorised according to theme.

Contact information:

Arne Johansson
Järkvissle 210
SE - 855 99 Liden


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